Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) sounds complicated — ­and it can be. This condition can be confused with dementia, including Alzheimer’s dementia. It is rare, but when it occurs, it often happens in elderly people. Causes are unknown. Sometimes treatment is available, but many people will require a surgical procedure. NPH is caused by spinal fluid […]

Walking is Great Exercise

A brisk walk around the block is good for your health. It improves circulation and helps the heart and lungs work more efficiently, plus burns calories. That extra cookie at lunch time might not go straight to your hips, thanks to a good walk. Walking also boosts energy and can even ease stress and tension. […]

Foot Pain

As we age, we can develop arthritis in just about every part of the body. Feet are especially bothersome because we have to bear weight on them daily. Painful feet can cause us to fall. They can also prevent us from exercising. There are many reasons for this. Here are a few: There are 28 […]

Happy 4th of July!

Summer – it’s a great time of year for families getting together for picnics and fun times. The weather is beautiful and we are thankful to be part of something so wonderful, the United States of America. Let us not forget our service men and women currently serving and those who have served before them. […]

Respecting Parents As They Age

Many of us will reach retirement age with good health intact and excellent mental clarity. For those who don’t, there is help available. Currently, the largest population of seniors will be Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. This population is expected to double by the year 2050. The time to plan is sooner rather […]

Say Happy Father’s Day With Love

Father’s Day is a few days away. Moms are easy to shop for, but what about dads? Forget the ties and shirts – give your dad a work break instead. Here are a few suggestions for you, whether you live with your dad, live nearby, or celebrate your dad from across the country. – Wash […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis – The Invisible Disease

If you’ve received a diagnosis of any disease, it’s life changing. And if you are told you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), it can be devastating. RA affects joints, soft tissue, and organs. It is a disease of inflammation and pain. People with RA have good days and bad days. In fact, you may see a […]

Exercising as You Age

As we age, things change.  At first, things may be subtle. Beginning in our 40s, many people need to wear reading glasses. But, as time passes, some people need cataract surgery. The same can be true about your physical health. Exercise is important but some exercises can do more harm than good. Extreme exercises, like […]

Give the Gift of Cleaning For Mother’s Day

If you are an adult child of a senior parent who is starting to need some help doing chores, have you considered in-home care and assistance?  Does your parent argue that “I’m fine, I can do it myself?”  The gift of home care for just a month may be just what the doctor ordered. Offering […]

Living Healthy

Many of us wish to be able to live alone and stay healthy as we age. And, it can happen. Take a few important steps today to insure a healthier tomorrow. There is a lot of advice that tells you to eat this, drink that, take this vitamin, drink a smoothie, etc. It can really […]