Give the Gift of Cleaning For Mother’s Day

If you are an adult child of a senior parent who is starting to need some help doing chores, have you considered in-home care and assistance?  Does your parent argue that “I’m fine, I can do it myself?”  The gift of home care for just a month may be just what the doctor ordered.

Offering your Mom or Dad a free month of house cleaning might just change the mind of a parent who wants no help. Imagine a person coming into your parents’ home and cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and washing the floors and then vacuuming the carpet. You can be there when this is happening to reassure your parent that everything will be okay. And with Mother’s Day approaching, this is a great way to thank your Mom for being there when you’ve needed her throughout life. Who wouldn’t want a nice house cleaning for Mother’s Day? You can still buy flowers and candy to go along with the home service. By having someone come in and clean as a gift, you remove the barriers that adult children struggle with when trying to help their aging parents. It’s not easy to convince a parent to give up his or her freedom.

Legacy In-Home Care can find just the right person for just the right situation. If you would like to try a service for a month, a week, or just a day, Legacy will find a qualified, bonded and insured caregiver to come in and do the job that you may not have the time to do. Many adult children still work or live too far away to help with chores. Legacy In-Home Care offers the opportunity for your parents to try out a home-care assistant.

Call Legacy In-Home Care for a free consultation and find out how we can help make Mother’s Day your day to give back. We’ve been there. We understand and we care.