Happy 4th of July!

Summer – it’s a great time of year for families getting together for picnics and fun times. The weather is beautiful and we are thankful to be part of something so wonderful, the United States of America.

Let us not forget our service men and women currently serving and those who have served before them. There are many still living from WWII who may be in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and yes, in their own homes aging well on their own with some help from family.

Americans love a party, especially seniors!  This is America’s big party!  Most seniors, especially our veterans, love to be included in 4th of July celebrations as we celebrate the birth of our nation!

Planning ahead:   If you have a senior member in your family (especially a veteran, young or elderly), this is their day. They served under our flag to protect our freedom. Also remember other senior family members who may not have served in the military but were working behind the scenes preparing supplies for our troops. Without them, where would our troops be?

Bringing a senior member of your family to large celebrations can have its challenges, so plan ahead.  For those who are disabled, make sure to bring everything they will need for an enjoyable day. Disabled and senior family members may need medications, fluids, and an umbrella or cabana to stay cool.

If you need help with any family member with special needs, please contact Legacy In-Home Care. A home care tech may be just what you need to assist in making your family picnic extra special for all of your family members. You can’t do it all – and no one expects you to. With some qualified help, make this 4th of July your best holiday ever!