Living Healthy

Many of us wish to be able to live alone and stay healthy as we age. And, it can happen. Take a few important steps today to insure a healthier tomorrow.

There is a lot of advice that tells you to eat this, drink that, take this vitamin, drink a smoothie, etc. It can really be information overload. Some of it is great advice, but do you know what is best for your body to keep it strong and healthy? Here are a few pointers:

  • Stay up-to-date with dental appointments. Disease in the mouth can travel throughout the body. Prevention is key, so see a dentist every 6 months.
  • Have your eyes checked at least once a year by an ophthalmologist. They are medical doctors who can treat eye diseases and perform surgeries on the eyes.
  • See a foot doctor if your feet feel numb, sore, or if you experience pain. Most often, quality foot wear can make a difference in how you walk. A podiatrist can diagnose and treat conditions that may cause problems with walking.
  • Keep your weight in check. Your family doctor can help by referring you to a dietician.
  • Exercise at least 2 hours per week. This can be walking or swimming. Talk to your doctor first.
  • Start a hobby.
  • Take an online class. Learning new things keeps your mind active.
  • Stay social. Attend church, volunteer, or participate in other social functions once a week.

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