Say Happy Father’s Day With Love

Father’s Day is a few days away. Moms are easy to shop for, but what about dads? Forget the ties and shirts – give your dad a work break instead. Here are a few suggestions for you, whether you live with your dad, live nearby, or celebrate your dad from across the country.

– Wash his car or give him a gift certificate to have his car washed and detailed.
– Take him to the beach or a movie.
– Mow the lawn or hire a “lawn guy” for a month or longer.
– Grill up a few burgers or steaks for your dad (and don’t forget his favorite beer).
– If your dad lives alone, a nice visit would bring cheer to his life. Offer to do some repairs while you visit.
– If your dad is elderly, consider the gift of Legacy In-Home Care for a month.

If your dad enjoys home care, consider a more permanent home care. Legacy In-Home Care has been helping seniors with every-day living for many years. They provide home assistance for seniors, the disabled, and people who are recovering from surgery or illness. Whatever the need, they will send a qualified person to your home ready on day one to assist your senior loved one with chores and much more.

All Legacy In-Home Care providers are bonded and insured. They are background checked to insure honesty and integrity and the best service possible. Home cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, changing linens, help with personal care – Legacy will provide highly qualified home-care technicians to help where help is needed most.

Put a smile on Dad’s face for Father’s Day! Give him the perfect Father’s Day Gift – the gift of home assistance. Show him the love he deserves.