Walking is Great Exercise

A brisk walk around the block is good for your health. It improves circulation and helps the heart and lungs work more efficiently, plus burns calories. That extra cookie at lunch time might not go straight to your hips, thanks to a good walk. Walking also boosts energy and can even ease stress and tension. If possible, find a local walking group you can join and you might even meet some new friends. Friends combat loneliness which is the leading cause of depression in seniors. Walking can either be done slowly or quickly and lively. Running is not required to be a healthy, happy senior adult. In fact, walking is easier on the joints than running.

Stay hydrated, especially in hot weather, by drinking plenty of fluids. Water is best, but sports drinks can quench your thirst as well. Avoid caffeinated drinks while walking since these tend to de-hydrate.

Walk during daytime hours. Mornings are cooler and can leave you energized for the remainder of the day. Early evenings are also a great time because the weather is usually cooler and it’s a good way to stretch your legs before an evening of television and then bedtime. You’ll soon be sleeping like a baby.

Staying safe is important. Wear reflective clothing if you choose to walk very early in the morning or at dusk. Avoid uneven or rocky ground if you have balance problems. If you walk on a sidewalk, watch for uneven concrete. A trip and fall can be devastating as we age, so walking shoes are a great investment.

Need a walking companion? Call Legacy In-Home Care. Finding companions is just one area of our expertise. We also have care techs that can help with meal prep and other chores around the house. Don’t do it alone. Get back into the swing of life!